AMG Superalloys UK Limited has been a producer of glass and plastics polishing compounds and glass decolorizers for over 50 years under the brand names Regipol™, Polimax™ , and Decol™.
As an accomplished and leading European producer of cerium oxide and rare earth based polishing powders, we operate globally through a worldwide specialist distribution network. Security of supply is guaranteed through our partnership approach with our customers, distributors and suppliers, underpinned by our commitment to delivering high quality material, on time, and to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Innovation is always at the forefront of our technical activities. Our laboratory conducts extensive research and development on flat glass and precision glass polishing, enabling us to produce custom built products to meet individual customer requirements.

Our product lines and their main application areas are shown below. Further details, data sheets and MSDS sheets are available on request.


The company produces a range of rare earth-based glass polishing products under the Regipol™ brand name suitable for:

  • Beveling and edging
  • Pre-silvering and pre-coating
  • Crystal polishing
  • LCD screen polishing
  • Precision optics applications


A range of alumina-based slurries are produced under the Polimax™ brand name suitable for the polishing of plastic lenses, and acrylic sheets.


We also sell pure cerium oxide used for decolorizing and refining glass during the manufacturing process under the brand name Decol™.